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Yesterday a man came into my work, all scruffy and dirty with a big backpack on his shoulders, and as he was leaving I told him to stay dry because it’s been raining almost none stop for a few days. 

He stopped and turned around and laughed, and then he showed me his new shoes that he just bought and said “I’ve been walking the perimeter of the United States; these shoes will last me another month, rain or sunshine.”

We talked for a bit and he told me about how he’s walking around the perimeter of the entire U.S. to raise awareness and money for the homeless. He told me about some things he’s seen and the places he’s been so far. Before he left, he gave me a big smile, said “God be with you,” and walked out the door with the happiest strut I’ve ever seen. 

He started off in Virginia and made it all the way down here to Florida on foot, and he’s still got a long way to go. He was very kind and very optimistic. 

I’ve never met someone like him before, so I want to try and spread him and his effort here on tumblr. 

He isn’t very popular yet, but I really want to try to spread his word and raise awareness of the homelessness issue here in the U.S., and try to help him raise money for this cause. 

His name is Leroy Bailey and if you want to follow him around the U.S. his facebook is here

I didn’t get a photo of him so I took this one from his facebook

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Bench to Bedroom: Urban Furniture Turned Homeless Shelters

"Whereas London and Montreal have installed spikes on the sidewalks to keep homeless people from getting too comfortable, Vancouver offers a kind welcome with benches that transform into mini-shelters. A nonprofit called RainCity Housing teamed up with Spring Advertising to create the modified public benches in order to provide a covered place to sleep while simultaneously raising awareness….”

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poor Felix

so I WAS going to go to Felix’s Pizza & Pub earlier today because they have pizza by the slice for $2.50. Didn’t go. Know why? Cause it is located in some neighborhood in The Hill AWAY from the rest of the good restaurants. The website looked nice but I am not going all the way down there.

I AM probably going to go to Racanelli’s Pizzeria tomorrow because their za is just under $4 a slice & I have $4.50 & a coupon for 25% off. Score!

Tonight I am in w/ my combos & later a blue Monster.

I am not sure how I will handle Starbucks tomorrow. May go to the Delmar Loop & get a box of decaf instant or I MAY just get a small mocha & say fuck it & save the rest of the gift card money for another small mocha for another time. The Olive Street Starbucks was cool too but I always wanted to go to the Delmar Loop Starbucks & blog from there on my Mac. So romantic. I will do that. Early.

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better wifi

so I have tried to get on the wifi at my apartment building many times before and always, no luck. Now I am using it on my Mac & it works just fine.

Today I got my care package in the mail & though it was not loaded FULL of raw foods like I expected, it had some good shit including a $15 Starbucks gift card!

Before I got it, I went down to Delmar Loop & got a red Monster (that I puked up) & a blue Monster & I just finished the cherry Rockstar. When I got home the package was waiting for me & I immediately went to Starbucks near 8th & Pine Metrolink & got a medium white chocolate mocha decaf w/ soy milk & no whipped cream.

I got home & STILL had indigestion so I went to Medicine Shoppe to get my meds when I realized that I did not take my stomach meds so I scarfed them down as soon as I got home. Once my stomach settled I had raisins, Reeses & pumpkin bread.

I just woke up from a nap & I think I will spend the $4.50 I got from the care package on junk from the vending machine.

I walked .75 miles plus whatever the walking was on Delmar & Olive. Probably a mile total today.

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hell yea, stayin’ up

so I decided not to sleep tonight. Many nights I do not sleep. Well, I sleep eventually, just not when the sun is down. I am waiting for 6 o’clock to roll around as that is an ideal time to leave the house in STL when the sun is still down. I will go to the Delmar Loop to get two Monster (red, zero) & a Rockstar (sugar free, carb free)

I will suck down the red at the Delmar Metrolink like a bum looking for change & then I will come home & wait around the lobby for a bit until the mail comes. Will walk around the park during that time. Somewhere in there I will come home & watch YouTube videos.

I need to be awake for when my care package arrives with tons of raw food. I THINK there will be a Starbucks gift card inside & if there is, off to the Central West End I go for a small decaf white chocolate mocha with soy milk. Last time I stayed awake for a long period of time I went to the Central West End. I like it there. Yuppies fucking everywhere. The Washington University Medical School is up there & everyone is walking around in scrubs & dreaming of the TONS of bank they will make in the American Medical Association prescribing pills instead of nutrients.

Then home, then sleep.

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walkin’ eh?

yeppers. 4.5 miles walked today. Feeling good.

Now on to boiled spuds & tomorrow I get a shitload of raw food in the mail & possibly a Starbucks gift card.

Smoothie time right away tomorrow. & then some Raw Revolution bars.

nothing else happening.

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what a day

not an eventful one but definitely pleasant. I got the windows open & the fan going & I am living in a corner apartment which makes the situation all that more choice.

I walked 1.5 miles & will get another 1.5 in soon as well as a shower & a load of laundry.

Listening to Paramore & just wasting time. Enjoying this.

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